The Aromatherapy Scentstation is a thermostatically controlled and energy efficient station for your favorite burner essences and oils.

Simply place a few drops of burner essence or essential oil in the well of your Scentstation, plug in and switch on. No need for water, the burner is thermostatically controlled to avoid over heating. The temperature to which the Scentstation heats up is perfect for oils to vaporize. It does not get hot enough to heat water.

The oil can be “extended ” with the use of coarse or fine salt. The vapour is gentle and soon ones nose gets used to the aroma.. be careful not to add more and more oil  – rather leave the room and check upon your return if you can smell the aroma  – or neutralise the nose with coffee or ask someone else ! (similar to wearing a perfume that you can no longer smell after applied but others can ).

You can leave the Scentstation plugged in  – the whole dish should feel warm to touch – the center  part will be too hot to keep your finger there for long.

Trouble shooting – the switch is usually the problem if the Scentstation does not warm up.

Works with 220v. To clean simply wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel. Orange oil in the scenstation will also dissolve any residue. simply add the orange oil to a warm Scentstation and wipe clean after a few minutes.