BaoActive have boosted their baobab powder with moringa powder and created a blend bursting with vitamins, minerals and macro-nutrients.

This powerful synergy of baobab and moringa provides a unique fusion of bio-available vitamins, minerals and macro-nutrients found nowhere else. The combination of vitamins and minerals work to combat tiredness and fatigue, promote muscle growth and strong bones, aid in memory enhancement and cognitive health while keeping you energised, sharp and focused.

Baobab and Moringa combined support optimal gut health by providing dietary fibre for roughage and stimulating the growth of intestinal microflora, the blend is rich in calcium which supports the function of digestive enzymes, by reducing acidity in the gastric environment, this Baobab Moringa Superblend acts as an anti-ulcer agent.

It also provides strong immunity-building functions with moringa’s adaptogenic function helping to protect the body from the toxic effects of stress and the high level of vitamin C providing an anti-oxidant boost against infections


Organic baobab fruit powder and organic moringa leaf powder

BaoActive have combined baobab powder with moringa powder in a 75:25 ratio.

BaoActive baobab powder is produced by EcoProducts, the only South African baobab production company based in Limpopo, the heart of baobab country.

Directions for use

For maintaining health, take 3 capsules after breakfast or lunch, daily