Nanuki Mini Boom Bars are exploding with superfoods and make the perfect bite size snack for a healthy lunch box treat or a quick -on-the-go snack.

Handcrafted in South Africa Nanuki mini boom bars are packed with goodness and boast a healthy range of ingredients that promote good health and well -being.

Nanuki Boom bar Matcha Explosion is a delicious and nutritious Matcha-coconut bar that is covered in a rich dark chocolate.


cacao paste, coconut, cacao butter, date syrup, coconut flour, coconut oil, organic lucuma powder, Get Matcha Ceremonial Grade Matcha powder, Moringa leaf powder, organic spirulina powder, organic mesquite powder, sunflower lecithin

Nutritional info:

Energy 1574kJ

Fat 34g

Carbs 9g

Dietary fibre 6.7g

Protein 4.7g

Sodium 6mg