Lifematrix – Free Range Egg White Protein Powder 350g

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Lifematrix Free Range Egg White Protein Powder is easily digestible, making it an ideal alternative for people who cannot tolerate milk proteins. Egg whites are one of the highest-quality proteins available. They have a protein content of 80% (equivalent to whey concentrate), with no sugar. One kilogram of egg white (albumin) protein requires 250 egg shells. Lifematrix Egg White Protein Powder is manufactured in France from free-range eggs, using a simple and clean production process: after separating the egg white from the yolk, the liquid is spray dried and pasteurised without the use of any chemicals.

The powder has a mild, neutral flavour and can be blended with water or dairy or cereal/nut milks, or added to smoothies.

As with all Lifematrix protein powders, our Egg White Protein Powder is unsweetened and contains no additives.

Amino Acids (mg per gram of protein)

Alanine 53mg Arganine 48mg Aspartic Acid 73mg
Cystine 20mg Glutamic Acid 115mg Glycine 31mg
Histadine 19mg Isoleucine 50mg Leucine 72mg
Lysine 51mg Methionine 32mg Phenylalanine 52mg
Proline 31mg Serine 60mg Threonine 37mg
Tryptophan 13mg Tyrosine 33mg Valine 62mg


Egg albumen protein powder, citric acid


Contains egg

Suggested use:

Mix two level scoops (20g) with 250ml water, milk or fruit juice and stir briskly. Best mixed in a blender or shaker. Makes a delicious smoothie when blended with fruit and other good things.

Lifematrix is South Africa’s leading supplier of clean proteins, supplying a wide range of protein powders to suit any diet or lifestyle. Further to offering MCT products that aid in weight loss or training goals and transdermal magnesium supplements that ensure effective absorption of the mineral, through the skin. We also supply tooth friendly sugar alternatives and strive to develop items that promote good health and overall well-being. Lifematrix is a division of Absolute Organix, who have been the forerunners for natural and organic products within South Africa since 2004.

The Lifematrix Clean Protein  range also offers: Raw Vegan Protein (from sprouted brown rice), Yellow Pea Protein, Pea & Hemp Protein, Colostrum, Purple Protein (hydrolyzed bovine collagen with blueberry extract) and Whey Isolate.

Bodybuilding, Muscle Building, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Additive free