Lifematrix Raw Vegan Protein Powder is made from sprouted wholegrain brown rice fermented using an all-natural enzyme process. It contains all essential amino acids in a high-potency 80% protein concentrate.

Soy-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, it’s an easy-to-digest hypoallergenic protein source for vegetarians/vegans as well as those with dietary restrictions. It’s also a great protein source for athletes, even those hard-core meat-eaters and whey addicts!

Amino Acids (per 1g)

Alanine 54mg Arganine 92mg Aspartic Acid 86mg
Cystine 24mg Glutamic Acid 17mg Glycine 43mg
Histadine 21mg Isoleucine 44mg Leucine 83mg
Lysine 36mg Methionine 32mg Phenylalanine 55mg
Proline 50mg Serine 41mg Threonine 37mg
Tryptophan 12mg Tyrosine 54mg Valine 60mg

Brown rice protein powder

Made from sprouted, whole-grain, non GMO brown rice. Protein extracted by fermentation/ mechanical means without chemicals.

Suggested use:

Mix or blend 3 heaped teaspoons (12g) to a glass and top up with water / milk or fruit juice stirring briskly. Or add to a smoothie / shake. Sweeten as desired

Imported from Germany, Packed in South Africa. Certified Kosher


More about Raw Vegan Protein Powder

Protein is made up of amino acids, there are twenty amino acids that build protein within the body and these are called proteinogens. Adults and children require eight essential amino acids from food as we cannot produce these proteins, while babies require nine essential amino acids with the inclusion of histidine.

Eight essential amino acids and their main functions;

Valine, a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) that works with the other two BCAAs, isoleucine and leucine, to promote normal growth, repair tissues, regulate blood sugar and provide energy

Isoleucine, increases endurance and aids in muscle repair as well as clotting, when injured.

Leucine, works with the amino acids isoleucine and valine to repair muscles, regulate blood sugar and increase energy levels. Further to aiding in the production of growth hormones and burning visceral fat

Phenylalanine, required for the normal functioning of the central nervous system, it balances mood and acts as an anti-depressant.

Methionine, required to produce antioxidant glutathione. Needed to produce amino acids, cysteine and taurine, that help the body eliminate toxins, build healthy tissue and promote cardiovascular health.

Threonine, promotes growth by maintaining the protein balance within the body.

Tryptophan, required for production of serotonin, vitamin B3 or niacin, and auxin

Lysine, involved in the production off antibodies for a strong, healthy immune system.

Unlike proteins that are derived from animal products, plant proteins do not increase your chances of chronic illness, but care must be taken to combine foods so that the body receives all eight essential amino acids. It is not necessary to eat all essential amino acids in one sitting as the body retains a ‘pool’ of amino acids over a 24 hour period that it can pull from.

Brown rice protein contains all eight essential amino acids, it is an antioxidant that prevents cell damage and fights free radicals further to regulating cholesterol and improving liver and heart function.

The peptides in brown rice reduce weight gain, reports have shown that Brown rice protein can be beneficial for diabetics as it significantly impacts the severity of blood sugar spikes and aids in regulating glucose levels.

Sprouted rice protein is hypoallergenic and easily digested, it is gluten and dairy free and has high levels of Vitamin D.

A study published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition proved that brown rice protein is as effective as whey protein in supplementing body composition and exercise performance, this is due to its high levels of Arginine, a BCAA that is crucial for building muscles.

Another study by the University of Tampa that was conducted over the course of eight weeks with experienced bodybuilders found that the results were the same for plant based proteins as animal based proteins. They focused on recovery and soreness, muscle growth and change in build and improvements in strength, the study concluded that Rice protein was beneficial for bodybuilders.

Lifematrix is South Africa’s leading supplier of clean proteins, supplying a wide range of protein powders to suit any diet or lifestyle. Further to offering MCT products that aid in weight loss or training goals and transdermal magnesium supplements that ensure effective absorption of the mineral, through the skin. We also supply tooth friendly sugar alternatives and strive to develop items that promote good health and overall well-being. Lifematrix is a division of Absolute Organix, who have been the forerunners for natural and organic products within South Africa since 2004.