Buttanut Roasted Macadamia spread is made from dry roasted macadamias grown in the Sabie Valley, this Macadamia butter is naturally sweet and creamy, and can be used to add a silky texture to dairy-free smoothies, sauces and desserts.


100 % dry roasted macadamia nuts

Product of South Africa 

ButtaNutt hand crafts a series of authentic, high quality nut butter products made from natural and organic ingredients without the addition of any sugar, preservatives, stabilizers or oils.

You can be creative with this range and spread on bread, drizzle over cereal or simply spoon out and enjoy straight from the jar.

ButtaNutt in a little “carry-with-you-wherever-you-go” 32 g pouch

The ButtaNutt Squeeze packs are great in lunch boxes, hand-bags, cycle-shirt back pockets, or a hiking bag. Have it as a healthy snack filled with protein and essential fats.

Also available in 1kg and 250ml glass jar format.