TAKA Turmeric’s Golden Cacao is a wholesome and decadently rich hot chocolate mix, that is packed with healthy ingredients that the whole family can enjoy, guilt free.

With Superfoods like Turmeric, Cacao, Maca and Mesquite this deliciously creamy hot drink helps to maintain a healthy body, while you enjoy a warm chocolaty and comforting drink that is perfect as a treat after dinner, or during the day.

ALL ORGANIC – Plant based Ingredients


To make a decadent Golden Hot Chocolate, Add 2 teaspoons to a mug, with a little water and mix to make a paste

Add 200ml of hot milk, or a mixture of hot water & milk

Stir up well and allow to brew for a few minutes.

The Golden Cocoa is intentionally unsweetened, so you can enjoy this drink sweetened to taste.

Taka reccomends: Using your choice of frothed hot milk and adding coconut sugar or agave syrup. This mix is also yummy added to smoothies and shakes.


Coconut Milk Powder 26% (Organic Coconut milk 97%, Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, (derived from organic Yucca root) & Organic gum, Acacia), Organic Cocoa 24%, Organic raw Cacao 19% , Organic Turmeric 14%, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon,  Organic Maca, Organic Ginger, Himalayan Pink Salt fine  Black Pepper Powder, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Clove Powder.

Certified Organic / ZA-BIO-154

Organic Spice blend that may create some sediment.

A 125g pack is also available.