TAKA Turmeric Golden Latte is the TAKA version of what is known in India as ‘Golden Milk’, this ‘chai’ like drink is heart warming and comforting.  Suitable for all ages, Taka Turmeric Golden Latte can be enjoyed by the whole family, for a calming and nurturing bedtime treat.


To make a delectable Golden Latte, add 1 teaspoon of this mix to a mug with with a little hot water to make a paste. Then add 200ml of hot milk or a mixture of hot water water and milk, stir up, steep for a few minutes & enjoy as is or sweeten to taste.

Taka reccomends: Using your choice of frothed hot milk and added agave syrup, for the ultimate Golden Latte experience.


Organic Coconut Milk Powder 38% (Organic coconut milk 97%, Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin (derived from Organic Yucca Root) & Organic Gum Acacia), Organic Turmeric 32%, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Ginger 9%, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder and Himalayan Pink Salt .

This is an organic spice blend that may create some sediment. To avoid the sedament make your Latte in a french press or tea plunger.

Also available as a 150g pack and a 450g bulk pack.