Using artisanal chocolate making techniques, our award-winning chocolate is lovingly handmade with antioxidant rich cacao and cocoa.

NON-GMO and free of preservatives, we never use palm oil nor cane sugar in our formulations. Our recipes are gluten-free and deliciously creamy.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

The Chocolate Yogi bars are made from ingredients that do not harm animals in any way, so you can indulge with a happy heart.

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

We support sustainable and ethical farming, and only use the finest ingredients in our delicious recipes.

Organic & Raw Ingredients

Using organic and raw ingredients where possible, we aim to produce chocolates that are deliciously good.

The Chocolate Yogi Chocolate slabs are made with high quality ingredients that have been thoughtfully sourced.

Get your slabs today and enjoy this delectable plant-based chocolate range


Hazelnuts (30%), organic coconut sugar, cocoa nibs (16%), coconut (13%), cocoa butter, coconut flour, sunflower lecithin.

Made with organic ingredients.

Certified Vegan and Halaal 

Contains tree nuts (Hazelnuts) and may contain peanuts | 18 month shelf life | STORE BELOW 18 DEGREES °C