Totally Wild Aloe Juice is a thick, slightly syrupy aloe juice extracted from sustainably harvested, wild-grown Aloe Ferox plants in their natural habitat.

Renowned for its effectiveness as a prebiotic, Aloe Ferox has been used for generations to aid digestion. Its gel-like consistency coats the digestive tract, potentially alleviating discomfort from digestive issues.

As a supplement, Aloe Ferox supports the immune system and fosters gut health, essential for overall well-being.

Aloe 24/7 is free from thickening agents, preservatives, colourants, or flavours. Each batch may vary in colour, taste, and viscosity depending on harvest area and season. Rest assured, all traces of Aloe bitters (Aloin) are meticulously removed during processing.


Aloe Ferox juice, Aloe ferox pulp, citric acid