Customer Returns Policy 2024

On receipt of your order:

1. Damaged Goods

Should there be damaged goods when you receive the order, please return the goods with the courier / our Driver, and contact your Sales Rep to advise them of the damages.

You are required to complete a Goods Return Note (GRN) which must be sent to your Sales Rep so that they can track the credit note process. We request that you accompany the GRN with photos of the damage.

2. Incomplete Orders

Should you find that items are missing from your order upon receipt, or incorrect items received, or short deliveries to what was invoiced, then please notify the Customer Care team immediately on 021-701 7172 or, for them to correct this.

We require that the above issues are notified to us within 48 hours to ensure that we can resolve the situation in a timely and accurate manner.

Damaged Goods and Quality Issues:

1. Store Damages 

We cannot be held liable for goods damaged in stores and will not accept returns for this reason.

2. Product Quality

If there is an issue with the quality of a product, please inform us as soon as possible. Each complaint will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and we will require all relevant information for us to investigate the issue with the brand owner timeously.

Please contact the Customer Care team immediately on 021-701 7172 or, to notify them of product quality issues.

3. Goods not selling:

We will accept stock returns from your store provided that:

1. This was first agreed upon between you and your Sales Rep;

2. The products are in their original condition;

3. The products are not shop soiled or damaged iin any way;

4. The products are returned to our warehouse at your cost;

5.The products have a minimum remaining shelf life of 4 months.

If the above process is followed and all is in order, then a Credit Note will be issued, subject to a 10% handling fee for administrative purposes.

4. Expired Stock

We cannot accept expired stock.

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